Satisfaction comes from helping others

Sometimes when lying bed, there is an empty feeling inside. The thought of how fortunate it is to be lying on a warm bed with a full stomach leaves a taste of melancholy in the air.  When the howling winds and dropping temperatures wake everyone up, you wonder about those who are not as fortunate as you are. The people who are homeless, the people who do not have enough to eat,or the people  who are sick.That emptiness grows into acknowledgement of your blessings and the ability to be obligated to help others out. Why do I do it? The satisfaction that comes from helping others is unique and paves way to many lessons that will benefit the future.


It was during that time when I was on the brink of sleep that I realized how much I took from the world without giving back more. I wanted to help others in away that they would never be able to pay me back, which was giving my time. I volunteer at many different places like my church, my club, (Free the Children,) senior center, and at my school, but a significant part of my life is my blog. I was bullied before and the reason I kept the blog was to help others by giving them inspiration and make them feel loved. I was not able to move past my terrible experiences until I started to focus on others and not myself. By focusing on others and acting selflessly, I began to move on and have a brighter perspective on events in my life. The simple action of helping others out gave me an unique feeling that I was changing someone’s life for the better. Not only did helping people change other people’s live but also my own.


Through my other helping other situations, I learned a lot more than I thought life could offer. It was through volunteering at the senior center that I learned to be a better listener, a compassion, and caring person. Or through the club I started, I learned a motto that is prominent in  my life, “Be the change you want to see in this world,”- Ghandi. Or when I was helping the school, I finally understood  what it was like to be a leader and how to work as a team. It was through these experiences of helping others, that I found who I am and perfected the ability to mold myself into the person I am today. The satisfaction that came from helping out gave me the passion that guided me to create a positive change in this world.


In the end, for me, it all comes down to one thing. Everyone can help each other out in different ways. And I feel that helping others is an obligation because one can gain so much more than what one gives. The feelings that come out of helping others is priceless. For me looking at the smiles on the elders’ faces after performing for them is beautiful. I have made someone’s day and for that I am happy.



© Cecilia Pang 2014

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