When I look at your eyes, I wonder how much they’ve seen, how much they twinkled or faded through the years.

Your frown isn’t a sad one but a thoughtful one. One that’s stubborn to change no matter the circumstances. You don’t need to smile, you don’t need to talk.

Your eyes do the smiling, and your hands do the talking. Your hands are bumpy but smooth. They’ve touched so many things, they’ve done regrets but have also held those from falling.


Perhaps your feet show the true signs of age. They’ve walked you to the darkest places of your heart and the brightest intoxications. the soles are hardened from all the work you pulled yourself through to reach the top.


But then and again. I can’t forget your aura. You give off a heavenly glow from the rays of happiness you sparkle all around. Or it could be from the warmth of you heart.

A heart that’s growing weak and tired but still pumps hard for others.


You’re not doing this for yourself, you didn’t live for you.

You know it’s not about you.

You know it’s about the greater picture.

You feel the truth.

You understand


by Yours Truly,


Cecilia Pang

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