How you change all these years?

Like a bellowing wave that slowly crashes into the shore

Always hugging the beach no matter how many times it pushes you away

You give Your Love but we just throw it away

We’re sorry for destroying You

but you see we don’t do anything to stop it anyway

You see,we understand that you’re heating up

with anger I suppose

but we keep waiting as days pass by for someone to take action

because we’re too lazy to take the responsibility into our own hands

and the days add up because slowly You’re aging too

You’re growing old, you can’t keep up anymore

It’s getting out of control, and You’re giving warnings 

a little rise of water there, some taking back of Your ice that we don’t deserve

You see that we keep on living

Like those things haven’t left at all

When all those little creatures are not burried beneath Your arms

We still don’t notice

Stuck in our own world of oblivion

Will catch up with us one day

But for now, You’re too tired to keep up with 

This crap 




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