Mother, what do I do?

and how can you bring yourself to look at her

when you know that everything could change

in a second, in a moment

it will never be the same

the only thing you can hold onto

is today.

you regret so many things

but perhaps the one thing

you regret themost

is doubting her love

because one thing’s for sure

she’s never failed you

even when you’re in the darkest times.

But you don’t know

if you’ll be able to stand tall,

how should you know, when you’re a kid yourself

Be strong for her, you say

You can’t even stand

without having your own legs trembling with fear

from the could have beens

the broken promises

the unspoken words

the uncertain future

but you can’t look away either

it’s the only thing you can do….

after taking so much

but  giving so little


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