When you’re caught up in trying to get over what someone else did to you, you keep on trying to forgive them, well maybe that comes after.. But you often thought of forgiveness as something that the other person may be in debt of you for the rest of their lives, and then you’ll feel that sudden release of hatred leaving you because you moved on from the past. But have you ever thought of forgiveness in terms of yourself?

Because often, it isn’t that we’re always forgiving others, others have to forgive us for the mistakes we’ve made too. Sometimes we make the same mistakes again, but sometimes we don’t, we learn from forgiveness. It teaches us something about who we can be, instead of who we are. When I made a mistake that affected someone else, I always wanted forgiveness or some type of understanding, but I also forgot about something important that might affect my life a lot in the years to come.

Have I ever forgiven myself for the faults or mistakes that I’ve made or do I keep blaming myself? Maybe I haven’t done anything that I truly regret but there are times that I wish I didn’t do certain actions or said certain things. It’s good to acknowledge your mistakes, get past that, and don’t make the same mistake again. But when people focus too much on their mistakes and get caught up in the past over regrets, it hinders on what they’re capable on doing.

So let me ask you now, is there anything that you really regret doing? Something where you hurt someone and you might have been able to make it better but you let inaction define you in that moment of time? Or are there things that you think that are too big to ever forgive and you’ll never make it right again? Well let me tell you now, there are many things you can’t fix in life. That’s a fact. When you break something and glue it back together, it may look the same but on the inside there are many scars and cracks. But even though this may bring you down, you’ve got to understand that the constant blaming of yourself is not going to do anything. The only thing you can do is focus on your own good and try to use that to make someone’s day brighter. The other person may have forgiven you already but you might not have forgiven yourself. That’s something you should consider. Wash away that guilt and focus on something more worthwhile.

Guilt isn’t going to get you anywhere, actions are what count. And if the other person doesn’t forgive you even though you’ve done your best, and I mean you’re VERY best to right the wrongs that you’ve done, then you might understand that sometimes things break apart. It might be your fault, their fault, or someone else’s fault but at least you’ve learn a lot. Things you shouldn’t do again, or people you won’t trust again because they don’t trust you. Just move on, and live life.

Like many times before, and I’ll say it again, life is too short, and too fragile to get caught up in it for too long. Life will keep breezing a long, so it’s alright to get caught up in the moment but not for too long. Life can be cut at anytime, in another day or the next few hours. So if you’ve done things wrong but you’ve never apologized, you should call them up and just catch up with how they’re doing now. Honestly, if you admit that you’re wrong, and you apologize from the heart, guilt will let you free. And when you’re free, no one can stop you from reaching the sky~

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