Love me s l o w l y, softly, then all atonce

Tender, smooth, until it grasps my heart and wrings it to recognition

It runs deep along the ridges of my past, my mistakes, my b-r-o-k-e-n promises.

Never ending, unfailing

It winds through the many tortuous paths that I’ve put up

To deny that something like this isn’t possible

It isn’t real

How can one love with such urgency, yet be able to forgive just as quickly

You see, it is impossible

But through You anything is possible

You opened my eyes to see the depths of love and what it can mean,

a much wider range than I will be ever capable of

Your love is much wider than an ocean and undoubtedly, we are all sinking

In your compassion that bounds to keep us afloat,

I am able to lie on my back on the obstinate ocean waves that keep rolling back to shore

No matter how many times it pushes it away

Maybe like me sometimes, and I’m sorry

But when the tears spill out of my eyes, they’re not just because

I’m sorry but I’m happy too

To know that Your love is all that I need and should ever need

And as I look up into the sky, I can see the sparkling lights

That extend as far in eternity

Just like how your love will always be more than

Infinity x infinity

Dedicated to my Precious Savior :’) For being there through the good and the bad.

Thank you Lord, for guiding me through these 16years of my life. All the experiences you’ve placed in my life are blessings whether they may be good or bad, they are not up to me judge because you have made a plan for me. I love you for always being there, and during the times of my most desperate thoughts, you always calmed down. Even when I feel like I’m alone, I feel your presence, your undeniable love. Your never ending care, your support, and most importantly you’ve been there every step of the way. Every heart beat, every breath, and even the times when I wasn’t able to breathe, you were there. All these times, and no matter how many heart felt thank you’s I will mutter in my lifetime, they will never ever be enough. I can only do the best as I can to make you proud and live a life to serve others<3 I have had the best pleasure in my whole life to getting to know you~

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