Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights! I have fallen with the Bronte sisters! Emily Bronte’s writing style is undeniably exquisite. Even though the language is Old English, I still can visually experience what she wanted to portray. The writing is something in itself that must be greatly admired. And then the plot line, now that was totally something out of the world. I never knew someone like Heathcliff could make me root for him but also want me to strangle him at the same time. Bronte carved out dynamic characters that all played an important part of this book. Their character development may not have improved but it definitely progressed in their own separate ways. Heathcliff really confuzzled me, and I think that’s what will really make an imprint on my mind even after a long time. I have never ever pictured a person like Heathcliff. The way he loves is completely different. The way that he loves is so powerful yet so fragile, so beautiful, yet so wretched. All the characters were amazing. The plot was a bit slow in the first part of the book, but it started to pick up near the second half and woah just woah, a classic like this was making me flip pages like mad!

i totally recommend this book! Sure at times it can be boring, but the writing style and technique is definitely something to learn from!

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