Hard fought leadership with Bill Hybels

Sometimes when leaders reach a certain success point with their vision they care less about the spirit of the team.

Now really think about that, have you every doubted a team members ability? Or maybe you’re the one that’s being doubted on? 

Leaders can begin to doubt their team members’ determination. They start to believe that their team doesn’t care as much as they do, and this disconnects leaders and their team. The leader should always think that they might care too much instead of concerning themselves with the fact that others that are caring too little.

Don’t get so vision fired that you start to hurt the people around you who are trying to help. Don’t treat them as machines, treat them like people. Sometimes the kindest form of management is the truth. So if you doubt someone’s ability tell them nicely, or if you’re feeling that you’re doubted on, then maybe talk to the person who doubts you. 

With meetings, I learned that there are three M’s

M- Move ahead, keep focusing on your vision, and get over the obstruction and move on.

M-Modify Plan ( tweak something to get the desired result)

M-Motivate them (bless, inspire, than your team, and foster an environment with inspiration)

If you challenge people to do the best, they’ll listen to you because you believe in them.


Leaders: prepare next leaders for the next generations ( create an everlasting legacy)

Best way to develop leaders:

-put them in a high challenge role

-assign them to a short term task and assess how they do

-give them a deadline with real time feedback

-provide coaching/mentoring

-offer them classroom/seminar workshops

Give people challenging tasks ( involve real pressure and a deadline and you should evaluate the end product to see if they are able to do tasks.)

Working with a wide variety of people, not only benefits you but others.

Give other leaders a chance and give them those tasks to see how resourceful they are.

2 types of leaders 

1)Higher Lynn Tipes: These leaders don’t care. They will jump away when hardships come, and are short term ladder climbers. They only care about leadership revolving themselves. They might be fueled by the wrong reasons: fame, money, etc.

2)Owner types: Leaders who care and would put themselves in danger to see the well being of whatever that they care about. These leaders actually care about the bigger vision, and are willing to sacrifice themselves to make sure their vision achieves success. They are fueled by their own passion and compassion. These are the leaders that leave a legacy.

Organizations and businesses can not be built on leaders who don’t care, they won’t stick long enough, they have short term mindsets. 

But the people who do care, they look at things in a totally different perspective. They fuel from giving their lives to something better, the greater good. 

Live a life that leaves something beautiful behind. 

When your time is done, I ask you, what legacy do you want to leave behind?

“The greater the vision, the greater the price-tag. ” So leaders need to develop endurance strategies to haul them over. Give yourself time to recharge and do solitude things. It’s a time where you aren’t responsible for anyone’s life but your own. (Quiet time is extremely important, everyone needs it.) 



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