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What is the difference between being deeply committed to a value and imposing your will on others? Why does a leader need to know the difference?

Being deeply committed to a value means that you’re extremely passionate towards what you are doing but you understand that your own commitment doesn’t always rub on others. One can be committed and focus on what they are committed on by encouraging to other. On the other hand when you are deeply committed, you can become imposing your will on others, which is a bit different. You can be so caught up in what you are doing that you may feel that value is better or other’s “must,” or “should,” do it. So when then happens there is a big difference because when you’re imposing something on someone, you are persuading them to do something against their will simply because they don’t want to do it, or you are becoming authority and imposing what you are doing onto other people. For me, I see a lot of deeply committed people on whatever they may be working hard in life, for instance the environment, their religion, or even saving water. In my own perspective, I am a Christian and am a deeply committed person. I respect other people’s values and religions/non religions. I accept everyone as they are and if they WANT to be interested in my values than that is when I teach them or help them to do whatever I am doing. However there are people and classmates in my life, that force their religion or atheism on me by saying many rude comments about what I believe in/value in. That is the main difference between being deeply committed to a value and imposing your will, it’s all in the respect. You need to respect others of their thoughts and opinions when being deeply committed, but when you’re imposing your will, there is a lack of respect on both sides.


What it really means to be a leader

Have you ever been so passionate about something that you would undeniably sacrifice yourself to protect that thing? 

Or have you cared so much about that person, thing, or cause that you didn’t even think about your own benefits but only theirs?

All these things are qualities of a great leader. You are a beautiful masterpiece. We, mankind, are meant to create impacts on our world. And you know, you ARE a leader. Why? You might ask, no, I can’t be a leader, I know this guy and he’s a leader. Or you might say, pshhh, me a leader, I’m absolutely petrified at the thought of public speaking.

But you know what? You can push those thoughts out of your mind. Because you might not know it, but you ARE passionate about something. It’s deep under the crevasses of your loving heart, but it’s there. There’s that one thing, you undeniably live for everyday. Or you might be thinking right now that life isn’t worth living. And that’s all right, I’ve been there, for longer periods and shorter days, but the one thing I want to tell you, is that you can do anything, and you will go do it. 

We as human beings have the unlimited resource of the power of our minds. If we tap into all the potential power from our mind, we can achieve our goals, we can make our dreams come true. 

You know what, I don’t want to see another person suffer from something they cannot control, losing many family  and friends to cancer makes me really angry but determined about the topic of cancer.

Is there something in your life that you care about? Have you ever considered just by caring about that enough, and taking action to stop something from occurring, or progressing something that you are a leader?

I learned this week from the Global Leadership Summit, that a leader isn’t someone who’s just good at public speaking, or manages other people, or makes the best decisions, or moves the company forward, and you get the picture. 

A true leader is a  person who is so passionate about what they love, and is willing to sacrifice themselves and go the extra mile to protect the very vision that they hope to see.
And leadership is the action of unlocking potential in others, and leaving a beautiful legacy behind. It’s not management but taking initiative in your dreams/aspirations to not only help make the world a better place but to care for others and help them be better people. It’s all about serving others, not for your own selfish reasons.

So what legacy are you going to make on the world?

When your dash between the date you were born to the date you die, is written on your tombstone, what will people still remember that is yours. That something that will not perish, or rot away like the perishable flesh of our bodies. But what legacy will you and must you leave behind?

You are capable of anything. And I tell you, I was lucky to be inspired, but I know my job is to inspire someone and make someone happier because I was unhappy for a really long time and I don’t want anyone else to feel that. So I’m telling you, I believe in you, I know that you can go make a difference in the world and be a leader. A leader who cares, a leader who impacts, a leader who loves.

You, YES, you! Whatever it is that you have abandoned as a dream, or pushed away the thought due to life’s circumstances, go pursue it right now. Time does not wait for anybody! And you know if you think it’s too late, it’s not. Whenever you put your mind to something you really want to do that is for others, it will really work out. Maybe not the way you think or want it to work out, but trust me things always have a way of working out. 



Hard fought leadership with Bill Hybels

Sometimes when leaders reach a certain success point with their vision they care less about the spirit of the team.

Now really think about that, have you every doubted a team members ability? Or maybe you’re the one that’s being doubted on? 

Leaders can begin to doubt their team members’ determination. They start to believe that their team doesn’t care as much as they do, and this disconnects leaders and their team. The leader should always think that they might care too much instead of concerning themselves with the fact that others that are caring too little.

Don’t get so vision fired that you start to hurt the people around you who are trying to help. Don’t treat them as machines, treat them like people. Sometimes the kindest form of management is the truth. So if you doubt someone’s ability tell them nicely, or if you’re feeling that you’re doubted on, then maybe talk to the person who doubts you. 

With meetings, I learned that there are three M’s

M- Move ahead, keep focusing on your vision, and get over the obstruction and move on.

M-Modify Plan ( tweak something to get the desired result)

M-Motivate them (bless, inspire, than your team, and foster an environment with inspiration)

If you challenge people to do the best, they’ll listen to you because you believe in them.


Leaders: prepare next leaders for the next generations ( create an everlasting legacy)

Best way to develop leaders:

-put them in a high challenge role

-assign them to a short term task and assess how they do

-give them a deadline with real time feedback

-provide coaching/mentoring

-offer them classroom/seminar workshops

Give people challenging tasks ( involve real pressure and a deadline and you should evaluate the end product to see if they are able to do tasks.)

Working with a wide variety of people, not only benefits you but others.

Give other leaders a chance and give them those tasks to see how resourceful they are.

2 types of leaders 

1)Higher Lynn Tipes: These leaders don’t care. They will jump away when hardships come, and are short term ladder climbers. They only care about leadership revolving themselves. They might be fueled by the wrong reasons: fame, money, etc.

2)Owner types: Leaders who care and would put themselves in danger to see the well being of whatever that they care about. These leaders actually care about the bigger vision, and are willing to sacrifice themselves to make sure their vision achieves success. They are fueled by their own passion and compassion. These are the leaders that leave a legacy.

Organizations and businesses can not be built on leaders who don’t care, they won’t stick long enough, they have short term mindsets. 

But the people who do care, they look at things in a totally different perspective. They fuel from giving their lives to something better, the greater good. 

Live a life that leaves something beautiful behind. 

When your time is done, I ask you, what legacy do you want to leave behind?

“The greater the vision, the greater the price-tag. ” So leaders need to develop endurance strategies to haul them over. Give yourself time to recharge and do solitude things. It’s a time where you aren’t responsible for anyone’s life but your own. (Quiet time is extremely important, everyone needs it.) 



The Most Dangerous Mistakes Leaders Make… with Patrick Lencioni

Being a leader is a great thing, but sometimes there are certain things you should be careful of!

First of all why be a leader? 

You want to be a leader because you care, you sacrifice yourself for the good of others without any return of investment( money, time,etc.) You care so much about your cause, that is the most defining thing of being a leader. 

1) Becoming a leader for all the wrong reasons (notoriety, power, fame),

-this can often lead you to lose all the energy and goodness tapped in your heart that you start to hurt others, and not help the people you wanted to help in the first place.

If you are being a leader for yourself then start to change things around, and actually focus on what you want to get done, what your cause is about, and start focusing on others!

Leadership is basically serving others, it is not others serving you.  If you just lead and manage people, all it is, is economics. I manage you, I’m the boss, so I get paid the most. Leadership is not like that. Leadership is totally different.

2) Failure to embrace vulnerability. 

When you fail to be vulnerable, you can destroy trust with the people around you. You’re human, so be human! It’s okay to make mistakes and be genuine about it. Acknowledge your mistakes and that you need help as a leader, and people will help you. No one’s perfect, and that’s one of the main parts of being human, imperfection. 

As a leader, you have to keep bettering yourself, it’s always about self-improvement and the improvement of others. 

*Tip: More often than not, it’s better to take the risk. 

If someone you know isn’t doing a good job being a leader, be genuine about it, and tell them how they can improve (nicely.) It will help a lot in the long run:)

3) Making leadership too important.

Identity can be wrapped into leadership so much that you lose sight of who you are. 

Make sure you put your priorities in order. Family and friends should be ahead of your work place, or leadership role. Your leadership role is important, but when it comes to the end of the day, they’re the most important people. So make time for them!


All three mistakes come from PRIDE. 

Learn how to be humble and be the definition of HUMILITY.

Humility: recognizing your strengths/weaknesses but not letting you treat everyone else differently.


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