What is the difference between being deeply committed to a value and imposing your will on others? Why does a leader need to know the difference?

Being deeply committed to a value means that you’re extremely passionate towards what you are doing but you understand that your own commitment doesn’t always rub on others. One can be committed and focus on what they are committed on by encouraging to other. On the other hand when you are deeply committed, you can become imposing your will on others, which is a bit different. You can be so caught up in what you are doing that you may feel that value is better or other’s “must,” or “should,” do it. So when then happens there is a big difference because when you’re imposing something on someone, you are persuading them to do something against their will simply because they don’t want to do it, or you are becoming authority and imposing what you are doing onto other people. For me, I see a lot of deeply committed people on whatever they may be working hard in life, for instance the environment, their religion, or even saving water. In my own perspective, I am a Christian and am a deeply committed person. I respect other people’s values and religions/non religions. I accept everyone as they are and if they WANT to be interested in my values than that is when I teach them or help them to do whatever I am doing. However there are people and classmates in my life, that force their religion or atheism on me by saying many rude comments about what I believe in/value in. That is the main difference between being deeply committed to a value and imposing your will, it’s all in the respect. You need to respect others of their thoughts and opinions when being deeply committed, but when you’re imposing your will, there is a lack of respect on both sides.

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