Don’t you wish for a better body, a smarter mind, more money, more things, to be better, to be stronger, to be perfect? I’m sure we all do at certain points in life. But for me recently, I haven’t appreciated anyone’s more life more than my own. I am proud to be who I am! And so should you.

After much thought, I realized that I still would not be happy if the things in my dreams would come true. And I’m not talking about the selfless dreams in life I want to achieve like providing clean water to everyone but the selfish dreams of being more pretty or better so others would like me. I realized that no matter how much more we want, when we actually get it, it’s not going to make us feel fulfilled. It’s about being our true selves that really matters. What I mean is, that if we wish for all the things we had or wanted to be, it might be what we want at a certain point of time in our life, but not in our future. If you think about all the wishes you had as a kid, and if they had come true, you probably wouldn’t be happy. Sure even now, we might think that we’re happy. But the real things that make us happy isn’t what we want ourselves. But perhaps, it’s more of the small things in the mess called life. Even though our lives suck, doesn’t it also shine sometimes? It shines through the depths of your heart to the cores of your bones. The smallest things make you smile because they’re part of you’re life and no one else’s. Maybe my sister’s wacky laugh makes me laugh but your friend’s goggly eyes makes you crack up. For everyone it’s different and unique because we all have our crazy messed up lives. If it wasn’t for our imperfect lives then we wouldn’t have it.

Can you imagine a perfect life? If you really think it through, everything’s so perfect that it’s boring. It’s the imperfections in our life that make it suck, but it’s the same imperfections that make us smile like an idiot and think that though life sucks, I’m glad to be me anyways.

So in reality, you wish a lot of things when things are difficult, but there is always going to be lights at the end of tunnels, new starts at the finish line. Things will get better and when they do, you wish things but you really don’t mean them, because you would rather be yourself then anyone else in this world<3

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One response to “you wish but you don’t”

  1. Georgia Wang Avatar

    YES!!! Thank you!

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