I used to live life as a competition. If so and so could do this then I can do it as well. They were human and I was human, so that means I had the potential and capabilities to achieve what they could achieve, right?

I’ve learned that sometimes no matter how hard one tries, they won’t be able to achieve the level of someone they might be competing against. I’ve also come to realize, that yes maybe there is a point of all the sacrifice that I might come to equal someone else but is it worth all the sacrifice? I’ve been sacrificing my time, to do so many things, just to prove to myself that I’m worthy. But what I have been doing is not bettering myself, even though I have learned a lot of new skills, I’ve just spent time doing the things I don’t love to do.

Now when a new opportunity comes whatever it may be, I ask myself, is this really what I want to do, or is it just to prove to myself that I can do it? I have no doubt you can achieve what you are about to achieve, but please don’t hand over all your energy to prove something. It’s not a waste, but you could have spent that time bettering yourself in areas you want to better yourself in.

I’m a person who doesn’t give up once I’ve committed myself to something. That is both good and bad. I have now seen the other side of the coin. We are often told to look at how far we have gone and to grasp the reason for why we have held on so long. That’s what keeps us going. But my advice, life is really short. Please preserve to the things that really matter to you. Is this new passion of yours, what you really want for yourself? Sometimes life turns out differently for other people and I can’t say for everyone, but hold on to the things that matter. Don’t force yourself to keep doing something that you hate but want to persevere just for the sake of your commitment. You could have been spending that time doing and bettering yourself in things you are good at and love as well.

In the end, it all comes down to this, what does your heart say?

If you’re pulling through for a bad reason, chances are when you’re done achieving what you’re achieving it wouldn’t have been as good as something you were actually passionate about.

6 responses to “To give up or not to?”

  1. Lena Avatar

    Dear, so happy you see this through your fruitable life! Total agree! But anything you done , you already earn from it …… Sometimes it is bad even suffering experience, but you need them to make yourself grow more strong and beautiful not only bettering. As human, our wisdom always limited, just do you best and ask god lead your life. Take it easy , listen god’s voice and enjoy your precious life. I love you and always proud of you! Keep growing!

    1. ceciliapang8 Avatar

      Thank you!

    2. ceciliapang8 Avatar

      Thanks mom!

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    1. ceciliapang8 Avatar

      No problem, thanks for giving my blog a read!

    2. ceciliapang8 Avatar

      That’s great! I’m glad you like the information:) Most of the information is from my personal experiences or from thoughts I just have! If you have any other questions feel free to ask me~

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