Living in Canada is incredible and I’m extremely blessed because I get to escape many of the problems others around the world have to go through. It’s the 21st century and racism is being tackled but it still exists. Not having to deal with severe racism before, I often still find myself knee deep in stereotypical problems revolving around our race.

It was beyond words for me when I was placed in a stereotype because of something I couldn’t change. And the feeling was a heavy dagger of disappointment. Especially when a teacher characterized me for something I’m not.

It got me thinking about the why? Why do people throw around stereotypes and how were they created?

I did a little of research to see that it’s psychological. We humans love to organize and predict things to patterns we create in our heads either from the influence of those around us or how we were brought up. Or fundamentally its because we want to feel better about ourselves?

And I know we all judge people once in a while before getting to know them. But now, I stop myself each time a thought starts forming about someone I have not gotten to know.

Everyone is born into a life that they had no decision in choosing. It’s common sense, but I find it so difficult to understand why people make fun of people do to race, or how much money they have. They did not choose their life to be like that, they did not choose their own gender, who their parents are, or what colour skin they have. Just like how you and I, were born as we were. We all were made without our decisions and that’s why it’s so wrong to form barriers of how a person is, or how their future will be.

We need to constantly place ourselves in other’s shoes. We all want to be loved, to feel belonging, to receive acceptance. Why are we all ganging up on each other? Why do we create certain molds for others, while we ourselves want to fit in? All of us feel lonely sometimes, we feel unwanted, and out of place. By creating images or criteria for people to make ourselves feel better is an unending cycle that builds a higher wall that separates us from being together.

If you are constantly being conformed to a certain image, do not fear, you are not alone! It’s time we tackle this issue together. Don’t choke down what you have to say, stand up for yourself. If that’s one thing I regret is that I didn’t stand up for myself when others conformed me to a certain stereotype. You are so much more than just a stereotype, you are a person with a story, a story that no one knows about that’s waiting to be shared. Don’t let what other’s assume about you drag you down, because in the end we all just want to feel loved.

What are your thoughts? Comment below!


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