Theres a moment in life where you reach a stopping point. A point that you can’t go any further because you’re just so tired. Tired of everything. Exhausted of this unending failure. Your efforts and hard work aren’t coming together. You’re tired from always encouraging but getting nothing to keep you going. It’s been so many times that you keep getting back up, but how many times will you keep mending your heart and strength back together to have it get shattered again?

Those were the thoughts that clouded me day in and day out the past weeks. It literally seemed dark, like life couldn’t really get any worse because I didn’t think it would have gotten better. And it was so difficult, that I understood the pain, the pain that people try to tone down with other things to get their mind off of things. I don’t know your trials, and you don’t know mine. I believe that we’re all connected though. Something always brings us together in the end. Whether our inner longing is to be loved or to achieve greatness, we are all in this together. So now that I’ve luckily gotten back on my feet, I’ve understood how it’s like to breathe when I’m drowning. People may not have heard me, but this website is what makes me rethink. Rethink my decisions, rethink giving up, rethink thinking negative. I realized what a hypocrite I would be if I told everyone reading to believe that life would get better if I didn’t just because I was going through rough times. I got over it, I really did. And it’s going to take time to get over things like this, this never ending feeling of failure sometimes but zone in on your dreams. Knock out the words that keep coming back to bring you down.

I’m here to help because I want to unlock potential in others. And everyone in this world has potential. Sometimes that potential is lost because people give up, they don’t feel supported, or think no one believes in them. But I’m here to believe in you, to encourage you, to help you on your own journey to success. So if you’re going through failure after failure or on the verge of giving up, I hope this will help:

1. Let your pain out. If you want to cry, cry. And if you want to shout, shout. (But don’t take your anger out on someone else).

2. Do something that you love that will take your mind off things before you make a rash decision.

3. Write about it, and help set your words on paper.

4. If you’re ready talk it out with someone you trust.

5. Then make your decisions. I’m sure you know what to do. Whether it is to really let things go, or keep going.

I’m talking about decisions like letting go or to get back up and keep trying on my next post:)

Hope this helps!

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