The Most Dangerous Mistakes Leaders Make… with Patrick Lencioni

Being a leader is a great thing, but sometimes there are certain things you should be careful of!

First of all why be a leader? 

You want to be a leader because you care, you sacrifice yourself for the good of others without any return of investment( money, time,etc.) You care so much about your cause, that is the most defining thing of being a leader. 

1) Becoming a leader for all the wrong reasons (notoriety, power, fame),

-this can often lead you to lose all the energy and goodness tapped in your heart that you start to hurt others, and not help the people you wanted to help in the first place.

If you are being a leader for yourself then start to change things around, and actually focus on what you want to get done, what your cause is about, and start focusing on others!

Leadership is basically serving others, it is not others serving you.  If you just lead and manage people, all it is, is economics. I manage you, I’m the boss, so I get paid the most. Leadership is not like that. Leadership is totally different.

2) Failure to embrace vulnerability. 

When you fail to be vulnerable, you can destroy trust with the people around you. You’re human, so be human! It’s okay to make mistakes and be genuine about it. Acknowledge your mistakes and that you need help as a leader, and people will help you. No one’s perfect, and that’s one of the main parts of being human, imperfection. 

As a leader, you have to keep bettering yourself, it’s always about self-improvement and the improvement of others. 

*Tip: More often than not, it’s better to take the risk. 

If someone you know isn’t doing a good job being a leader, be genuine about it, and tell them how they can improve (nicely.) It will help a lot in the long run:)

3) Making leadership too important.

Identity can be wrapped into leadership so much that you lose sight of who you are. 

Make sure you put your priorities in order. Family and friends should be ahead of your work place, or leadership role. Your leadership role is important, but when it comes to the end of the day, they’re the most important people. So make time for them!


All three mistakes come from PRIDE. 

Learn how to be humble and be the definition of HUMILITY.

Humility: recognizing your strengths/weaknesses but not letting you treat everyone else differently.


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