What if the world we lived in contained no pain? No danger?

At the age of 14, I had always though how lucky it would be to feel no pain, to be able to live without getting hurt. But I realized boy was I wrong. How would I be able to feel the beauty life has to offer without experiencing pain? It truly is impossible. As a child I had heard of a axiom that went like this: The ugly fish is what makes the river truly beautiful.

And I was like :WTH? How can something ugly or imperfect make something else so delicate and perfect. To me it was like impossible. But now I realize that these past few years have changed me. I realized that to enjoy life, you also need to conquer hardships. To see the beauty in things and truly appreciate them, then you would have had to gone through the dark times to really see things.

My favourite book the Giver clearly elicits that. After reading the book in Gr.7 I was captivated by these new ideas of how these people who lived in a dull society that could feel nothing. They didn’t feel the pain, the war, or hurt that we felt, but they didn’t get to feel the happiness, the love, the joy that we felt either. It’s a deal package, you either take both or you don’t get anything at all. And life’s built that way, you can’t enjoy something without going through some hell in getting it. You might think you enjoy it, but until you’ve actually worked for it then that’s when you truly enjoy it. Today after watching the movie, I was completely dumbfounded. I actually got to see Jonas, (the main character,) receive memories from the past( our time.) And it was so heartachingly beautiful that I just started to cry. Cry because sometimes I forget to see all the beauty in life past the hurt, or cry for the fight for truth, the truth that I would rather go through all the pain to get a taste of something so sweet that I take for granted everyday. This movie brought back all the memories of my past, and all the times that I felt pain, or the times that I first truly witnessed something amazing, breathtaking, and so much more. The movie taught me that knowledge and feeling are two opposite things. The power of feeling is so strong, just think of empathy, how much that would do for the world. The power of emotion is incredible, and watching it ripple through the movie just brought chills to my back.

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