One life.

That’s it all it took for me to know that there’s nothing else in this world I would rather do than try to make an impact on even more lives. It was by far the most simplest thing I could have done to change someone’s life forever. It was a hug filled with so many tender words that could not be spoken, not meant to be spoken. During that moment I realized that things didn’t have to actually turn out for the better for us to move on, but that there was someone who we could lean on for us to swallow down the bittersweet moments of life. Its during those moments I want to be there. through the tough and the good to help others make their way through things.  So many people have sacrificed so much for me, that there’s nothing else I see myself doing then continually trying to make an impact.

Just being there for someone is more than enough. During those tough times in my life, I was so alone. Well I thought I was alone, and all I really wanted was for my friends or parents, or anyone to knock on my door and ask if I was okay. No one did, but what I realized is that I’m incredibly fortunate to be a Christian, during my toughest times, Christ was always there with me. When I let Him down, he was there. His love never changes, it is so deep and we are all drowning in it. When I consider that just being there sometimes can mean a lot, I try to be there. I wanted to be an amazing doctor who could save lives, I wanted to be a volunteerist that would always help those in need, but as of right now when I’m chasing those dreams, I can just be there for others in their darkest times. Even though it’s small, I feel that it can make an impact. If you know someone that is hurting, if you don’t know because they might not look like they are, take the moment to ask how someones day is going. And give a hug, because hugs can mean the world. Hugs can be the best medicine sometimes.

2 responses to “How to save a life…”

  1. directorb Avatar

    Great post!

    1. ceciliapang8 Avatar

      Thank you!

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