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Society and my community have given me so much. From the hospital care I received when I had surgeries to the random acts of kindness strangers gave me. I have received a lot and all the things that have unlocked my potential in becoming the person I am today has provided me insight on giving back.

Everyone’s goal in life is different, and personally mine has always been to be the best person that I can be. The best person is a selfless person. A person who put’s others needs before theirs, and bursts with compassion. That is someone I strive to be, someone I work hard to become because it is the least I can do for a community that has given me so much. I give my time because theres nothing greater when I see the smiles of the children or elders I volunteer for.

When you put love into helping others, and you place yourself in their shoes, you feel like you’re floating. When you help someone for nothing in return but just from the goodness of your heart, there is no treasurer greater than from giving the gift of letting others be on top of their world. Helping others is always going to be fundamental in my life because it was the foundation of how my life unravelled. It was the basis of how I was brought up, that you don’t look at others for what they can give you, but what you can give them.

Going on a trip to Nicaragua has been a dream of mine since Day 1 when I made a commitment on bringing a positive change to our world. Ever since two years ago, I realized the importance of education after learning that many children especially girls were missing out on education. I began to actively fundraise for Education in Nicaragua through Free the Children. This trip will be able to actively immerse my passion for helping others and my drive of wanting to unlock other’s potentials by inspiring them through their capabilities of creating a difference.

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