Nothing is impossible. We as humans may feel that we cannot do certain things, but in reality, we won’t*. Many feats or accomplishments were considered ‘impossible’ until they were done! We are unable to foresee the future, so we have no right to restrict boundaries on what we can or cannot do. This also applies to the topic of inequality. It is reasonable for people to accept unfairness in certain situations in order to move on. But in society, if everyone began to accept unfairness then how would we move forward? Acknowledging inequality in life to fight for equality will make a difference in diminishing unfairness which is more effective then allowing the current circumstances of equality to prevail.

If Martin Luther King accepted the inequality he saw that destroyed countless lives, then the environment for his future generations would remain the same. Inequality is not something that can be covered up and learnt to be dealt with, it needs to be eradicated. King was able to bring a dominoe effect to the point that inequality is not something should be accepted and made the best of. He taught others, that hoping and fighting for fairness would bring people one step closer! He may not have brought fairness to everyone, but his work has made differences in enough people’s lives to demonstrate that it IS possible to bring the world closer to equality.

One person can make a big difference! If all the people who strived for equality in this world began impacting their families or communities by demonstrating equality, we would continue to inch closer and closer to our goal.

With hard work and love, any great goal can be achieved. Accumulating knowledge and experience often destroys hope. It brings reality into focus but reality is anything we want it to be. People centuries ago would have though that it would be impossible for humans to fly. Voila, today we can fly ( with the assistance of airplanes). All great achievements start with a single idea, an idea that no matter how far fetched the idea may be, it is still possible.

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