Individuality is what makes each and everyone of us unique. Often by discovering who we are through focusing on ourselves, we understand what we need. A sense of belong is something everybody needs! With our own attributes, we find different communities to belong in. It is the emphasis on individuality itself, that actually brings people together as the common thread of originality weaves itself through all of us.

The youth generation today is constantly badgered by the numerous workshops and conferences to become leaders of tomorrow. There is the emphasis of how an individual can impact society but also the networking community in which the individual is empowered by others to create change. however, it is not only youth that are affected, but everyone else.

When people accomplish goals through their individuality, they understand that it is their community that has helped them. Instead of straying further away, the bonds between an individual and their community strengthens. For instance, Emily Carr, a famous Canadian artist focused heavily on her own creativity as an artist. But through the means of finding creativity, she used her community to help her discover who she was. Many artistic people realize the emphasis that is placed on creativity, but it is know that it cannot be possible without looking in to the community for inspiration.

Individuality and our community may seem like opposites, but they go hand in hand. Without feeling a sense of belonging in our communities, it is very hard to discover who we really are and focus on our own accomplishments. On the other hand, our individuality and uniqueness are what bolsters our community. Without each and every unique individual, a community would not thrive.

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