Potential vs Experience/Achievements

Change is inevitable. After experience with certain life challenges people can change in a blink of an eye, however change can also be gradual. Change always occurs within ourselves whether it be for the worse or for the better. That is why it is important to judge others for the person that they will become because the past cannot be undone. Past mistakes blot the lives of many, but it is their potential that provides the basis for correcting mistakes as well as not making them again.

Personally, I was a child who was somewhat naughty. Thinking up pranks and tricking our neighbours was something I used to do. However, looking back now I would never have imagined that my life now would be dedicating my time to help others. I had the potential for my goals as a child, just like everyone else does, but it took more than a few failures and regrets for me to figure out what I needed to do. However, I’m not the only one who was given a second chance to better myself, there are many others.

Jeremy Lin is a name that many have heard of. Amazing basketball player, Harvard student and a kind person. So when Jeremy shared his story through Youtube of how he hurt a lot of people in the past by being a troublemaker, I was shocked! If we rewinded to Jeremy’s earlier days and judged him for his past then it would be possible that he might not have been able ot get to the point of success he is at today.

Too often, society places an emphasis on experience and what we did in our pasts.The past does not define us but it can be a turning point for many people. For instance, a few years back a 19 year old man killed a woman’s 19 year old son. We would think that is is unforgivable! It isn’t right! But once the man realized that his past wouldn’t change and he could never redo what he did, he fixed his eyes on his future to make sure such a ting would never happen again. The woman eventually forgave hm, and he became her son. he is now a loving person that cares deeply about the ones around him.

It is hard to determine a person’s potential and often our experiences do pave way t who we will be. but life, is constantly changing We do not know what kind of person we will be a week from now or five years from now. that is why judgement on the past can be so inaccurate. The important thing is to realize we can make mistakes, but make sure to make them again in the future.

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