In modern day society, time is money. Efficiency is a quality that many people living today yearn for. Things need to be done and there’s no time to waste. Often we overlook the importance of process because we are so caught up in results, but that does not make it a mistake to value it more. In different contexts that allow more time, the though process is rewarded with long term results and a bigger impact on the world today.

As a young child I had always looked up to Thomas Edison. Prominently because of his determination but also his patience to continually think of different ways to make the light bulb work. Many people believe that Mr. Edison began to quickly put parts together but without appreciating the thinking process before his efforts, his invention would have been futile. Successful inventors like Mr. Edison all began with a single idea. An idea that must be polished and cleaned before it can ever hit the markets. This takes countless of hours and reflection to prefect. But not only do inventors need to take time, ordinary people also need the time to reflect in order to better themselves or even better, move the world along.

I had always evaluated myself for my results because I knew people would always judge me for my end results. But what I realized was that on the outside I might seem to be growing, but this type of change was ephemeral. In order to really prepare myself for the real world, I had to place emphasis on inherent values like taking time to really think things through and reflect. Reflection allows me to see if I have grown. For me growth is the true determination of success.

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