What does success mean to you?

Success should not be a generic term used to describe fortune and fame. In reality, success is adaptable to each individuals own interpretation. For me personally, success is all about growth. And by taking success in the context of personal growth, it’s not about the end product but what got someone form Point A to Point B. Cooperation takes a large amount of self-humbling and recognition that as humans, we are not capable of everything. We are all different and most importantly we make mistakes. Cooperation allows true success in that it allows individuals to find out who they really are through their interactions with others. It also allows the unlocking of potential not just within one person, but many.

Personally, I am an independent person that has always taken care of myself and others to the point that I rarely ask for help. But also as a leader, if there’s anything I learned that there are too many people with too many things to offer. And as an individual,I’ll never get to the stage of success as I would if I had worked with others. As a team, people can develop through helping each other succeed instead of trying too heard to knock others down to reach success. Not only is team work show to be better than outright competition in my life, but in many different contexts as well.

Pink T-Shirt Day is often known as Anti- Bullying Day. With each passing year, more awareness and attention is being shown to mental health and the bullying of adolescents. That in itself is success.  boy started to wear pink in order to break down a social stigma and also show support for his bullied friend. Even though he ignited the flam, his goal would not have been achieved if his other friends didn’t start wearing pink. By working together to stop bullying, their successful school event has turned into a nation wide awareness day celebrated by many Canadians.

When people take a look as success now. I hope they understand that success isn’t all about oneself. It’s not about how much one can gain but how much one can give others to help them unlock their own potential as well. That is why competition shouldn’t be as much of a determining factor compared to cooperation.

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