This is my first time trying a sonnet!

Hope you’ll like it!


There seems nothing as sad as letting go

What seems to be, sometimes can never be.

Indignant shakes of the head, a firm no.

Better things will await you, can’t you see?

Oh, you refuse it. Thrashing. Yelling. Stop!

Your Mind wandering to the could have beens

Disintegrating to puddles, to drops

That slip from: acceptance; never is seen

You’ve read the manual, the rules of life

No more clear then unfair spontaneity

Nothing gold lasts forever, only strife

Learn this, then cheer up and you will be free

Take a deep breath: in, out. It’s a new day

Move on so that none can stand in your way!

2 responses to “Sonnett- by Yours Truly”

  1. directorb Avatar

    Really good. Keep up the good work

    1. ceciliapang8 Avatar

      Thanks so much!

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