A journey of thousands steps never comes to an end…


…with each wary step, a crisp sound echoes while

Swirls of bright colours fluttering through the now frost tinted air

A coolness that holds on but can’t battle the

Triumphant fragrances of oak and pine but,

The world, a sleeping beauty, needs its rest

Slowly and steadily the winds above tuck Her in


I peak under the white fluffy covers to wake Mother Earth

But She is covered with soft sprinkles of millions and millions of crystals

Obliviously the trees still stand but mourn their Mother’s brief vacation

dancing to a slow waltz while love ones cuddle to watch the show

They, we, are not alone, for the children of light come to us at night

Their radiance shining through the midnight sky leaving

Streams of Magic: Old Saint Nicholas is almost here


The heavens open up to greet Spring and Spring greets us with

its fresh zephyrs nipping our cheeks,

it’s melodic sounds of sprinkling rain

it’s downpour of washing the Old

Coming in with the New:

(Then there’s the stubborn red rain boots that keep splashing in those turbid puddles)

There’s gotta be those rainy day for all those sunny ones

Yet the circumstances, in their constancy, the flowers blossom,

bowing to kiss Mother’s toes while

She awakens from Her enchanted sleep

Alert and ready to go


The smear of ice cream and frazzled hair

We need a sweet slice of Summer:

the juice dribbling down chins

the laughter contagion spreading around

the hide and seek games of the sun peaking over waters

Do all good things come to an end

because Summer flies away to the clouds, the Home of Dreams?


I glance behind me.

Footprints that trail far into the horizon; a journey that hasn’t ended.

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