Hey everyone!

Sorry this post is just going to be an update and a deviation from my so called daily inspiration blog posts!

I’m so excited to share some news with you! I recently won two prizes for leadership, and I just wanted to thank you for all the online support ❤ I really wouldn’t have been able to get this far with this website! I just want you to know that hard work really does eventually pay off, “So keep your face to the sun and you will not see a shadow- Helen Keller.

As for the other great news, this summer is going to be amazing! I first secured an internship at the Children’s Hospital working alongside one of my fave doctors! Then in the second part of summer, I will be going to Nicaragua to help build schools and see where all the money I have been fundraising for through FTC has been going! I will also be attending a Harvard Medical Leadership Conference and I am stoked to be able to further develop my leadership as well as passions for health/medicine!

So thank you all for being patient and being there for me every step of the way!



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