You are not alone ( WE are all, one the same)

In dedication of Madison Holleran:

After reading this article and being stressed a month ago due to AP season and a lot of finals, I wrote a poem:

Sometimes we focus too much on the steps

That we lose sigh of the big picture

Or even who we wanted to be

Our goals often get masked by all the

Demands of Life

Keeping up with the world that waits for no one

And drowning in the could have beens

Sometimes clawing desperately because we still have

that One chance

But when our eyes are clouded by ephemeral things

Fame, fortune, success.

We lose sight of our purpose and

slowly the light within us


to a point of depth that isn’t wrong but isn’t right

a place where nothing envelops you

except release, escape; true freedom

Is this what you really want?

No, but I’m full, I’ve had enough

And you let

Tiredness take you away-

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