An old poem I dug out from a year ago! I hope you guys enjoy:) This is a poem that I ope will inspire those who are constantly molded by those around them and fall prey to the pressuring circumstances. You are you, and it’s true that sometimes if you submit to being someone that society expects you to be, you may be more likeable or successful. But won’t it drive you insane? I appreciate you for who you are even though I have not seen you or met you, because our world moves forward due to the people who aren’t afraid to be themselves. So this poem is for you, for those who feel that they need to live up to expectations or tippy toeing around everything in their lives.

I am anything you want me to be…?

I am not an object

where my worth is tallied by

Your expectations, judgements, criticisms

I am not a tool

that should be taken advantaged of

Just Because

I’m ‘soft’

I am not a thing

that can be treated however it is

You think humans can be treated

Since I do not have the ability to defend myself

And no,

I am not your piece of clay

that will bend, dent, or fold into whatever shape

You decide to mold me into

I am me

A person completely different than you

Who should not be held captive in puppet strings

Under your condescending gaze

because I’m NOT

Good enough

Rich enough

Pretty enough

I am who I decide I can be

Not a person who is limited

By Your views of who

You think I should be

I am someone completely different

Than anything You would have thought of

In Your Wildest Dreams

I am anything I want to be

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