Sometimes things go unplanned. Or actually most often times then not they do. When getting to Toronto from Boston my flight was detoured and then getting to Managua, Nicaragua our flight was cancelled. But I think these detours are great! Even though it will take longer to get to our final destination, if its anything I learned from the past week and a half is that detours should be looked as opportunities. And it’s true. Whether you’re trying to get to where you’re going, sometimes it’s good to take the road less traveled by. I’ve got to interact with so many different people and immerse myself in cultures I’ve never immersed myself in. While riding through the streets of El Salvador, I was amazed at the unique beauty this country has to offer though so different from Canada or the US. This detour has allowed me to learn a lot more and experience a lot more.

So if things don’t go asplanned, take a deep breath and enjoy the ride!

P.S. I will boarding for the flight to Managua soon so no WiFi for two weeks:)

Can’t wait to update you all when I come back



2 responses to “Detours @ El Slavador”

  1. Ms. MacRae Avatar

    Hey Cecilia, can you write more about this trip? I have been to Latin America many times and although I have only seen the airport in San Salvador, not the whole country, I am fascinated. Or did you go to Nicaragua as your main destination? I also want to go there.

    1. ceciliapang8 Avatar

      Hi Ms. Macrae!
      I was in San Salvador for around one day but I didn’t get to explore very much! As for the culture and environment it is quite similar to Nicaragua. Surprisingly, the commercialized streets there are a bit better than Nicaragua though! It’s really hard to explain, I didn’t have my luggage when I went there as it was an unexpected journey so I was not able to take a lot of pictures with my phone. But the culture there is really nice to immerse in with the carefree attitude of the people. Nicaragua was the main destination so I only got to see the streets of San Salvador and eat at a hotel there (try to the local food). By the way where did you go in Latin America?

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