I realized that amidst all the business of life, that there’s some many things to be grateful for. I finally discovered for myself that stress is a choice and not the only option.

Even though this month is the busiest month (okay maybe closely tied) in my past seventeen years of existence, I can’t help but feel calm. These past few mornings and nights, God has painted the sky with so many beautiful colours and that just reinds me that He is always there. His nature is a constant reminder of His promise and plan for me. And that life is meant to be enjoyed. It’s okay to take a look away from what you’re doing, and be happy. The sky is full of promises but also reminders, different colours all the time and how in one second the clouds can drift away. Just like things in life, opportunities pass, so when you see them take a leap of faith. Don’t wait because after a quick period of time, it might disappear and never come back again.

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