Autumn Time

Autumn is officially here! I’ve never really enjoyed the warm days turning into chilly days in the fall but this year, I’ve begin to capture all the beauty that’s happening right now!

This post is about reflection 🙂 Starting School again is definitely one of the most important things that happen in the fall time but it’s been quite busy that I’ve begun to lose time to do the things that make me happy, like writing my blog. Reflecting takes a lot of time and I’ve heard a lot of comments about how unproductive it is. But a penny for my thoughts, reflection is what makes us grow.

Are you starting to get bogged down with the new school year starting? Know that you’re not alone! It’s good to put on some music or take out a book and while de-stressing ponder the commitments you have.

It’s hard to take our minds off things sometimes, but autumn is perfect for me in that way. I can’t stop to admire the beauty all around me right now and while nature is celebrating with all the vibrant colours, I can’t help but be grateful even in my own stressful life right now.


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