On Friday the 13th, I had though what a normal day it had been so far. Nothing bad had happened and I was just settling to rest on my bed to read and study for Chemistry. My WiFi wasn’t connecting and I was left in the blue of what was happening in the world because BBC wasn’t sending me any updates. My sixth sense is absolutely terrible and I thought heck it was a good Friday the 13th and I’m so glad nothing bad happened.

Waking up this morning and not having WiFi until tonight, social media and my news notifications were going off like crazy. In the span of 24 hours, I can’t believe all the emotions that ran through me and what has happened in the world. Update:

  • In Paris there were terrorist attacks
  • In Japan there was an earthquake
  • In Baghdad a funeral was bombed
  • In Beriut there was a suicidal bombing
  • In Mexico there was an earthquake

In the span of one day while I was going about life just like I usually would, the world lost hundreds of thousands lives.

Though many miles away, my heart goes out to all those people affected by these tragedies. I am so sorry for the losses our world had to go through and all the families affected. I don’t know how to feel right now because my mind is jumbled up with thoughts I have to get out on paper.

  1. Terrorist attacks are not okay and they fill me up with anger because I can never understand why. I understand that terrorist has no religion and I respect Muslims. And I think that it isn’t fair that a whole group of people are shamed or targeted for something a small group does. As a Christian, it’s hard to not feel angry when people target me personally for saying that I hate gays, when I absolutely don’t! Or when people sometimes right away start arguing with me when they haven’t heard my side of the story. Yes I admit that there are Christians who do bad things but please don’t let that affect your perception of what ALL Christians are like. In the same context, I have many Muslim friends who I respect for their faith and they shouldn’t be targeted because of these things.
  2. For a person like me though I need to know why, I can live without finding an answer but it doesn’t ever stop me from asking why? Why do things like these keep happening, and how can we stop it or at least prevent it?
  3. I’ve done my best to keep updated on the Syrian Crisis, ISIS, and all the conflict going on in the Middle East. And I do have my fears, my thoughts, and my opinions. I don’t know exactly what to think during a time like this and I’m conflicted when there are so many voices voicing their thoughts that I do agree with but I also don’t at the same time.
  4. I’ve changed my profile picture to red, blue, and white. I support Paris and they are in my prayers. At the same time however, there are so many lives that have been affected by tragedies at this time and those who are dying who go unnoticed everyday… And I completely agree that in a way, media is emphasizing certain lives over others which goes against every life is equal. So though I am not going to change my PP again at the time being, I know that in my heart I will work hard to value every life even more.
  5. Sudden events like these really add even more to life’s fragility. We don’t know what’s going to happen in the next day, or next minutes but one thing we can do is do the best with all the time we have now. Appreciate the small things, love those around you, and move on from the trivial things.
  6. If you’re reading now and you’ve been affected, know that though I can’t do anything physically to help right now, I am praying for you and continually thinking of you in my thoughts. I am so sorry beyond words to know that things like these have happened to you and they are completely unfair. But be strong because there are so many people around the world who love you and support you one hundred percent. We are there for you if you need help or emotional support at this time. At time like these, it’s hard to understand but keep fighting. Keeping going<3

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