Why Writing is important

The beauty of writing is that we can all relate to it. In some separate alternative universe, we can with our imagination understand and live the lives of others. And that’s the amazing part of it! Words are what allow us to communicate and build these relationships that are so fundamental to our existence. And I just feel that sometimes it gets overlooked. Writing or words that is. For me words can speak just as loud as actions. Words have the power to be interpreted differently by every individual, shaped and sculpted with each reader’s own background, values, and thoughts. That’s why I love writing because it has a piece of me and I have pieces of it scattered throughout my life. Without it, my life would be a mess because for me words connected my life not just literally but metaphorically as well. They extended my grief into self exploration to empowering others through just simple expression. A simple who I am has connected me to those thousands of miles away. Unbelievable, as it was never even seeable in the past!

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