Between you and me there may lie hundreds of miles but I am so glad to have the opportunity to share my story.

Blogging has been my outlet to share what I’m passionate about and interact with people all around the world. It has been with me since 2012 when I first decided to post my thoughts. And up to this point, I’m very glad I have made a mark at least on the web where I can glance back to see the progress. I have come very far from the thoughts that once governed me, but now I am beyond surprised to know things and feel things that I would never have anticipated at a younger age.

But even now, I am lucky to be sharing my story. To have the opportunity to share and to have the resources too as well. Thank you for all those supporters and readers who have read my thoughts ❤

Now I want to share a few secrets of my happiness ;blogging and why it’s a great place to start!

And why 7? Because 10 is so overrated and 7 is my favourite number:D

  1. Share your story. What better way to share your experiences and thoughts through a creative medium like a blog?
  2. It’s 2016! It’s your year, tell the world what you’re doing and document whatever progress you want to track!
  3. Introduce a new idea, a new passion, a new product! A blog is so flexible, the opportunities are endless:)
  4. A journal that is with you forever. Once in cyberspace even if it gets lost, there are ways to recover your lost content. Let good things haunt you, not the bad.
  5. You build a habit and live life with a little bit more purpose. Getting up everyday to write or keeping a schedule incorporated with blogging not only gives you a much more structured and purpose life style, it also gives you a mini goal to work to everyday.
  6. Fostering global connections! You meet people from various parts of the world and talk to people you never would have the chance to meet in regular life (how cool is that).
  7. Writing is love, writing is life. Basically no explanation needed.

2 responses to “7 Reasons to Blog”

  1. Juni Desireé Avatar
    Juni Desireé

    Love it! Blogging is such a great tool and teacher. And so much fun!

    1. ceciliapang8 Avatar

      Yes definitely!

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