The Global Leadership Summit Aug 2014

Last year I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the GLS for the first time. Going in I didn’t know what to expect, but after leaving it I was inspired to change and be a real leader.

A lot of great leaders came including: Bill Hybels, Carly Fiorina, Jeffery Immelt,Susan Cain, Bryan Loritta, Patrick Lencioni, Joseph Grenny, Erica Ariel Fox, Don Flow, Wilfredo De Jesus, Ivan Satyavrata, Tyler Perry, and Louie Giglio.

I have attached a workshop powerpoint I made on the leadership values I have learned from this summit! As well since I am kind of lazy to type out 10 pages of worth of my notes, I will post pictures of the notes I have written.


Leadership Workshop

PICTURES: Read from left->right and row by row

11139918_997581423588309_6757162_n 11125296_997581530254965_1662594911_n 11096961_997581563588295_72328975_n 11125398_997581590254959_758189340_n 11100637_997581610254957_615273798_n 11115970_997581643588287_493199363_n 11116157_997581683588283_2124874243_n 11131775_997581696921615_1310320535_n 11125818_997581703588281_228613280_n 11122540_997581740254944_1326176458_n-111122540_997581740254944_1326176458_n-1 10721241_997581766921608_487717991_n 11106458_997581800254938_907375259_n 11106434_997581823588269_1285187158_n 11106380_997581833588268_1445508185_n 11139543_997581876921597_44486328_n 11116050_997581893588262_1439435856_n 11139777_997581910254927_558528904_n 11130702_997581923588259_339826222_n 11129439_997581940254924_1156855008_n 11116188_997581973588254_2122580228_n 11134238_997582010254917_1471076561_n 11081782_997582046921580_1790341115_n 11101296_997582173588234_2122550077_n 11106469_997582180254900_832323777_n 11129119_997582196921565_2129898036_n 11106278_997582213588230_388280177_n 11106355_997582230254895_2052879340_n


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